I have a database with over 20,000 tracks. As you can imagine, that means I can cater to anyone’s taste. Music going back to the 50s and 60s, through the 70s, 80s, 90s, to music topping the current charts. Whatever your age group, or theme, I have it covered.

Everyone knows that if you have a selection of rooms and one of those is the ’80s room’, you will find MOST of the crowd in there. Given that awesome period of music innovation and absolute gems, you will find a few 80s hits at most weddings and birthday parties, especially those with middle aged guests. HOWEVER, there is a wealth of genres with absolutely brilliant tracks awaiting any dance crowd. I can play the latest chart music/club music, dance music, classic rock, country, oldies, big band, Motown, R & B, rap, disco, and hip-hop, and any other music that you desire.

As a professional DJ, it’s my job to understand the audience and the venue and can adapt rapidly and seamlessly to make your event really great. I’m not going to be playing all the same music at a 21st birthday party as I would at a 50th!

I also know that music can be very personal and very special and I’m happy to play any requests. I can work with a set playlist if you are a music genius yourself.

It is completely up to you what music I play, it is your event. I just love music! That’s my job.